Welcome to M3Kinections!  

Kristen Rubow founded M3Kinections in response to the needs of her family and those she taught.   Through her work, she was led to the realization that intentional movement, the integration of musical concepts and development of practiced behaviors provides a unique means for people to realize an increased state of awareness and “train their brain” for maximum learning capacity and cognizant efficiency.  We believe that all aspects of our lives, bodies and minds are intimately connected.


M3Kinections approach is to designs and delivers classes and programs focused on awakening the full capacity of our minds, while connecting our brain and body purposefully, so that we can measurably grow our ability to learn and adapt more quickly, retain more of what we learn and realize our full potential in all aspects of life.


Our kinesthetic integration classes, concussion management programs and integrative cognitive sports training programs are designed around fine tuning the understanding of how our movements and mental acuity affect our efforts in sports, understanding of self, or the pursuit of musical training. 


We are inspired by the recent advances in knowledge of brain function and the intimacies of the brain/body connection. Neural science is finding that the capacity of the brain to continue growing throughout our lives is no longer in question, but a reality. Through this, new insight into the ways that the body and mind learn and grow is enabling us to create exciting new methods of life-long learning. 


M3Kinections' programs are focused on working the body and integrating targeted mind exercise into day-to-day activities in order to reach optimal levels of performance.

Come Learn And Grow With Us!