Ready to Experience Optimal Althletic Performance?

Learn Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Gain the advantages of a M3Kinections patent-pending, integrative cognitive sports training system: reACT.  This unique approach to sports training was specifically designed to maximize athletic performance, through working your mind and body optimally, while avoiding injury.

Our Programs Help Players of All Ages and Levels Experience Optimal Athletic Performance.

​The program is fast paced, challenging, fun, and provides clarifying insight into how we think, react, and move.  This enables athletes to move smarter.  In addition, the unique integration of cognitive practice enhances agility, balance, and overall mind/body awareness both on and off the field.  Benefits continue 

Through this program you will learn exercises and explore techniques that develop reaction time and cognitive processing speed to improve ball-handling accuracy. You will also improve your visual acuity, peripheral vision, and multi-sensory perceptual awareness, all of which increase field/court awareness.


By developing an acute understanding of where players are on the field, you can decrease the risk of concussion and various other injuries.

Come Experience The Unique Integration of Cognitive Practice and Overall Mind/Body Awareness.
The reACT System Helps You Improve:

Agility = Ball Handling / Foot Work

Balance =  Response Time / Injury Reduction

Reaction Time = Acceleration / Velocity

Peripheral Vision = Field & Court Awareness

Processing Speed = Accuracy / Field Location

Attention Shift =  Decision & Response Time

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