M3K reACT - Creative Kids and Mega Movement
Looking for a AFTER SCHOOL or SUMMER CAMP That is Unique, Fast-paced and Fun?

Look no more!  Our reACT after school and summer camps provide age appropriate activities where your student can explore their creative side while moving and working along side other students  We will explore new ways of looking at the world, seeing and experiencing things with mindfulness, and learning how to tenaciously address open-ended challenges. Snack is provided, a time when food moves far beyond just nourishment but becomes an opportunity to explore a sensory  experience. 


We will laugh often, play hard, and grow together!

Come for fun and leave as friends!


Safety Precautions 

We are committed to keeping your kids and our staff as safe as possible. We are implementing a 3:1 camper to counselor ratio with campers being assigned a specific counselor for the week. Upon arrival campers will embellish their personal mask and get to make their own hand sanitizer. Both will remain at camp for the week and be disinfected by M3K very evening. Everyone will have temperatures taken at drop-off and counselors before work. Safe social distances will be maintained at all times.

Activities and related skills 

Daily challenges - Mental Focus and Decision Making

Group games - Anticipation and Visual Tracking

Movement activities - Speed and Span of Recognition

Body Paint Friday! - Sensory integration, creativity, body regulation (inhibition and initiation 

Peripheral Vision and Awareness

Snack time - Multi-Sensory Perceptual Awareness/Sensory integration

Pattern games - Memory and recall


Kristen and M3Kinections have been life-changing for our son. The sessions are fun , interactive and EFFECTIVE! My son looks forward to the summer camps every year. It's one of his favorite activities!

Kaye, mother of middle school boy  


I like Kristen's camp because it is creative, hands-on, energetic and you can figure out new ways of do ordinary things. For example, "eating snack is like more fun than ever - fishing cheerios with pretzels in your mouth!"

Corbin - middle school student             

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