I know Kristin Rubow as a neighbor and friend, and have been participating in her classes once a week for several months.  The class has been a help to me because I had a minor stroke two years ago, leaving me with light weakness in parts of my left leg and minor coordination problems in my left fingers. 


She sets up different activities and exercises challenging my balance and coordination through different patterns of movement. I find her sensitive to my limitations as well as the very real abilities I have as an older person, showing me how I can best learn or relearn the skills I need to help me stay active, getting all the new neurons in my brain working.


 She is supportive, patient, and always adaptive to one’s individual needs. In addition, the class is great fun.

Joan Dawson
Forrest Walker

I have known Kristen for over five years.  Kristen has a wonderful ability to quickly connect with her students, assess their strengths and deficits, and customize a teaching plan that challenges them to integrate brain activity, physical movement, and musical concepts into a fun exercise program for mind and body.  

I have referred my physical therapy patients to her.  Additionally, I have been a client for private sessions and am an ongoing participant in her group classes.  It is my professional opinion that Kristen's work is beneficial to all of us, young and old.  Drawing upon the latest research in neroplasticity and brain development, Kristen is constantly learning and adjusting her teaching methods to bring new knowledge into her curriculum.  


I give Kristen my highest personal and professional recommendation.  Her unique knowledge, skills, and teaching methods will greatly benefit you and your organization.   She is a pioneer in her field, and her work continues to improve the lives of all her many clients... including me! 


"Kristen and M3Kinections have been life-changing for our son.  The sessions are fun, interactive, and EFFECTIVE!  My son [Lucca] looks forward to the summer camps every year.  It’s one of his favorite activities!"

Middle School Client
(Son of Kaye)
Kenn Perry

I began working with Kristen after having an impact injury and a concussion. Working with her has been incredibly valuable and really enjoyable.   Through her programs I have seen improvement in my peripheral vision, reaction time, processing speed and attention shift.   I am back playing hockey and I am playing better than I was before my concussion, which is all due to Kristen and her programs.


Her ability to generate measurable assessment of my ongoing improvement was something that was really valuable during my recovery process.  I wish that I had established a concussion baseline before I had my accident!  Anybody that plays a contact sport should do this! I continue to work with her as we are shifting our focus from recovery to performance.