Optimal Athletic Performance

Optimal Athletic Performance

Preventing Impact Injuries

Preventing Impact Injuries

Concussion Baseline Testing

Concussion Baseline Testing

Realizing Your Full Potential

Realizing Your Full Potential

Mindfulness, Balance and Focus

Mindfulness, Balance and Focus

Embracing Life's Transitions

Embracing Life's Transitions




All aspects of our lives, bodies and minds are intimately connected

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Our Beliefs

We believe that all aspects of our lives, bodies and minds are intimately connected.   When any part of us is diminished, tapping into a full state of awareness, achieving our highest personal potential, embracing life's transitions, realizing maximum athletic performance levels and avoiding injury is compromised.  


Our kinesthetic integration classes and integrative cognitive sports training programs are designed around fine tuning the understanding of how our movements and mental acuity affect our efforts in sports, understanding of self, or the pursuit of musical training.  Our programs are focused on working the body and integrating targeted mind exercise into day-to-day activities in order to reach optimal levels of performance.

Through our work, we have witnessed how purposefully training the brain and body to work together more effectively, creates higher levels of mental and emotional awareness, maximizes physical efficiencies and creates a heightened state of human performance that enables people to perform at their best while concurring life's challenges, embracing new endeavors and realizing their deepest aspirations. Through intentional movement, musical concepts and focused exercise we can integrate aspects of ourselves not easily accessed through singularly cognitive endeavors or isolated physical activities.

This may sound heady but the work is fun, often filled with laughter, and definitely teaches us how it feels to be fully present in our current surroundings.  In a world where we often find ourselves pulled in many directions, it is healthy and rewarding to achieve a sense of balance, mindfulness and focus to truly appreciate the present moment.  Together, we can take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be!

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"    - Lao Tzu
Our Approach

Our approach is based on the recent advances in knowledge of brain function and the intimacies of the brain/body connection. Neural science is finding that the capacity of the brain to continue growing throughout our lives is no longer in question, but a reality. Through this, new insight into the ways that the body and mind learn and grow is enabling us to create exciting new methods of life-long learning.

The work we do at M3Kinections is designed to focus, expand and enrich our minds and bodies to create the peak zone for continued learning and growth, to experience optimal living and to maximize one’s performance both on and off the field. Think about it, we feed our bodies, work our muscles and occasionally exercise our brains.  But, how often do we intentionally prepare our bodies and brains to learn optimally and work together resourcefully?

Through exploring more deeply how our minds and bodies truly operate, developing practiced habits, awakening the full capacity of our minds and connecting our brain and body purposefully, we can measurably grow our ability to learn and adapt more quickly, retain more of what we learn and realize our full potential in all aspects of life.

"I am still learning"  -  Michelangelo

Kristen Rubow

Kristen Rubow, founder and president of M3Kinections draws from training in TBI rehabilitation, brain wiring, PTSD, anxiety, and Executive Functions through Brian Gym, Orff, Dalcroze and vision training.  She is deeply passionate about her life's calling, which is working with people committed to learning and growing to realize their full potential throughout life's journey.


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