Kinesthetic Integration: The Matrix System
Train Your Brain for Maximum Performance

M3 Kinections’ Matrix curriculum uses focused movement to regulate the body while engaging in difficult tasks in order to achieve the optimal climate for brain development. 


The Matrix Curriculum integrates aspects of mindfulness and breathing, balance, and specific cross body and brain-body activities to help regulate the autonomic nervous system and promote brain development.


The Matrix curriculum was designed to increase processing speed, balance, body regulation, visual acuity, shift-set, and peripheral vision, and is fundamental to our approach, classes and programs.

Wendy Suzuki - Exercise and the Brain

Hear award-winning neuroscientist, Wendy Suzuki, discuss how understanding the patterns of brain activity, underlying long-term memory and aerobic exercise play roles in improving our learning, memory and cognition.  (14 mins.)

Visual BioFeedback
Gain the Advantages Used by Professional Athletes.

The combination of leading visual motor and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation and sports training device, Dynavision's D2 Board (D2™), and our Martix Curriculum helps athletes improve reaction time, peripheral visual,  spacial awareness and decision making under stress, which develops better field vision and helps to avoid blind side hits.  

The D2 board is a visual biofeedback and dynamic training device used by athletes of all ages and sports organizations of all levels, including NFL, NBA, NHL and…(others?)  


M3Kinections uses the D2 board in our concussion baseline testing methodology and when creating impact recovery programs.  Use of the D2 Board is also fundamental to our sports training programs.

Peter Lee - Fasted Known Dynavision User
See Peter Lee demonstrate his incredible neuro-cognitive skills on the Dynavision D2 Board.   (3 Mins)
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Cognitive Testing
Protect The Only Brain You'll Ever Have.

M3 Kinections' cognitive testing is a simple, fun, yet thorough set of assessments that test visual acuity, peripheral vision, processing speed, memory, executive functions, vision tracking, and balance. 


This unique testing method employs the Dynavision D2 board to measure visual perception and reaction time to 1/100th of a second through objective computer-generated data. 


Our method of cognitive testing is identically repeatable, which ensures that your exact assessment can be reproduced at specific intervals, based on statistical data, and provide an objective measurement of cognitive trajectory. Results from baseline tests can be used to help design targeted sports training programs and for comparative use if an athlete incurs a secondary impact, and finally it helps direct an individualized recovery and management program.

Phil Jones, President/CEO of Dynavision

See the D2 Board in action at Florida State University helping athletes enhance their reaction and hand-eye coordination skills.  You'll also learn how the benefits of the D2 technology make it a MUST-HAVE for realizing your optimal levels of athletic performance.  (4 Mins) 

Cognitive Sports Training
Maximize Athletic Performance Through Working Smarter!
Kristen Rubow, Founder/President M3Kinections

Learn how M3Kinections ReACT Integrative Cognitive Sports Training system draws on the best of the Matrix Curriculum and the Dynavision D2 board to provide a revolutionary new approach to maximizing athletic performance.  (2 Mins)

Are you ready for a new approach to maximizing athletic performance?


M3Kinections ReACT: Cognitive Sports Training system draws on the best of the Matrix Curriculum and the Dynavision D2 board to provide a revolutionary new approach to maximizing athletic performance. 

ReACT is excellent for the highly driven athlete looking for the next advance in performance, those who have experienced concussions, and the athlete who struggles with differentials in performance areas or finds focus challenging.

This fast-paced and often challenging program provides unique insight into how we move, teaching athletes to move smarter not harder.  It improves visual acuity, peripheral vision, and multi-sensory perceptual awareness, which increase field/court awareness.


Through developing an acute understanding of where players are on the field, the risk of concussion and various other injuries can be reduced.  Finally, cognitive practice enhances agility, balance and hand-eye coordination.

Gain Improvements In The Following Areas:

​Agility = Ball Handling / Foot Work

Balance =  Response Time / Injury Reduction

Reaction Time = Acceleration / Velocity

Peripheral Vision = Field / Court Awareness

Processing Speed = Accuracy / Field Location

Attention Shift =  Decision / Response Time

Mental Focus and Decision Making

Anticipation and Visual Tracking

Speed and Span of Recognition

Peripheral Vision and Awareness

Multi-Sensory Perceptual Awareness

Increased Field/Court Awareness


Cognitive Sports Training - Kinesthetic Integration