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The Dynavision D2 Board

Dynavisions's D2 Board is currently the only fully objective frontline tool available for concussion baseline testing, post-impact testing,  informing recovery program development and return-to-play decisions.


The test is identically repeatable, which ensures that our assessments can be repeated at specific intervals, based on statistical data and provide an objective measurement of cognitive trajectory. Results from baseline tests can be used to help design targeted sports training programs, for comparison if an athlete incurs a secondary impact and to create recovery and management programs.

M3 Kinections’ Testing Methodology Measures Visual Perception and Reaction Time to 1/100th of a Second

Why Establish a Concusison Basline?

  • Objectively Test Performance and Brain Function.

  • Assess Existing Concussion Symptoms.

  • Have Comparitive, Pre-impact Baseline Data.

  • Objectively Measure Your Cognitive Trajectory.

  • Make Better Return-to-Play Decisions.

  • Create Personalized Impact Recovery Programs.

  • Get Back To Doing What You Love - Wisely!

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