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Our summer camp is designed to promote physical health and mental fitness through exciting activities, games, and play. We guide campers while working alongside them. Campers develop their social awareness, self-confidence, and leadership skills.

Why Camp

reACT school break and summer camps provide age appropriate activities where your student can explore their creative side while moving and working along side other students  We will explore new ways of looking at the world, seeing and experiencing things with mindfulness, and learning how to tenaciously address open-ended challenges. Snack is provided, a time when food moves far beyond just nourishment but becomes an opportunity to explore a sensory  experience. 


Our Why

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.

Fred Rogers

Play is an essential aspect of neurologic growth. It is the catalyst to develop structure within the brain necessary for academic learning.


We offer a variety of camps to address the interests and needs of the neurotypical and neurodiverse populations as well as student athletes seeking to train up in preparation for their athletic season, and students interested in developing a sense and plan of where they want to head in life.

Hide and Seek

The Team

Most of our counselors join us from the Integrative Physiology department at the University of Colorado. They are trained in stretching minds, supporting confidence development,  exploring creativity and movement and having fun along the way. Our aim is to support camper's confidence development and passion about the world! 


" Kristen and M3Kinections have been life-changing for our son. The sessions are fun, interactive and EFFECTIVE! My son looks forward to the summer camps every year. It's one of his favorite activities!"

- Kaye

 mother of middle school boy  


"I like Kristen's camp because it is creative, hands-on, energetic and you can figure out new ways of do ordinary things. For example, eating snack is like more fun than ever - fishing cheerios with pretzels in your mouth!"

- Corbin 

middle school student


Current Camp Listings

M3K Summer Camp 


Spring Break Camps


Athletic Training Intensive

High Intensity Athletic Training Intensive

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