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Athletic Perfomance

Gain advantages on and off the field by adding focused vision and balance training, core movement exercises, and visual processing training into your sports training. By developing a broader peripheral awareness, increasing processing speed and multiple points of focus, and moving from core initiation, you get the edge on your competitors and offer a unique set of skills to your team.

Our Programs Help Players of All Ages and Levels Experience Optimal Athletic Performance.


Train to move smarter. 

  • Core movement integration

  • Cognition 

  • Precision rotational balance 

  • Vision acuity: speed scan, advanced visual retention, expanded peripheral vision

  •  Mind/body awareness: on and off the field

Learn exercises that develop reaction time and cognitive processing speed, peripheral vision, and multi-sensory perceptual awareness to improve ball handling skills and performance through increased field/court awareness.


Acute visual skills allow rapid assessment and location of players on the field for next play decisions.  Decrease the risk of concussion and other injuries.


Agility = Ball Handling / Foot Work

Balance =  Response Time / Injury Reduction

Reaction Time = Acceleration / Velocity

Peripheral Vision = Field & Court Awareness

Processing Speed = Accuracy / Field Location

Attention Shift =  Decision & Response Time

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