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Gain advantages on and off the field by adding focused vision and balance training, core movement exercises, and visual processing training into your sports training. By developing a broader peripheral awareness, increasing processing speed and multiple points of focus, and moving from core initiation, you get the edge on your competitors and offer a unique set of skills to your team.


Train to move smarter. Work on integrating core movement, cognition, balance, vision, and overall mind/body awareness both on and off the field. 

Learn exercises that develop reaction time and cognitive processing speed, peripheral vision, and multi-sensory perceptual awareness to improve ball handling skills and performance through increased field/court awareness.


By developing an acute understanding of where players are on the field, you can decrease the risk of concussion and other injuries.


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Improve performance and enjoy the process.

No matter what skills you were born with, the way you grew up, your financial status, or the cards you have been dealt, you choose how you respond.


Private sessions are tailored to your goals and needs using the full reserve of tools at M3K: primitive reflex integration exercises, Dynavision D2 board, laser board, body calming strategies, increasing processing speed, mylofacial exercises, balance and vision challenges, and improving executive functions. Fine-tuning your understanding of how intentional movement, increased mental focus and practiced behaviors will help you to perform at your best. 

Learn And Adapt More Quickly.

Drawing on M3 Kinections Matrix Curriculum, we use assessment tools to evaluate executive functions, explore more deeply how our minds and bodies truly operate, develop practiced habits, awaken the full capacity of our minds, while connecting our brain and body purposefully. 


Through our programs, we can measurably grow your ability to learn and adapt more quickly, retain more of what you learn, tap into new practiced habits and realize your full potential in all aspects of life.


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reACT. Our summer camps provide age appropriate activities where your student can explore their creative side while moving and working along side other students  We will explore new ways of looking at the world, seeing and experiencing things with mindfulness, and learning how to tenaciously address open-ended challenges. Snack is provided, a time when food moves far beyond just nourishment but becomes an opportunity to explore a sensory experience! Sign up today! 

*Also offering Mini Camps for more personalized, COVID safe groups! 

Summer Camps:

TBA - coming soon!

Mini Camps:

Cost: $60/camp


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Private sessions are designed around the particular needs and goals of the client and are appropriate for a variety of age groups from children 5+ through older adults. The practitioner will help direct the client as to which specific exercises, movements, and personal work will best address the clients goals and/or challenges. The body and brain are intimately related. Our programs strengthen the communication between these parts of the body promoting optimal growth and change. We work with various mindfulness practices, balance and vision exercises, primitive reflex integration exercises, core/back strengthening, neural challenges, and focus exercises. 


Contact us for details at (303) 810-6781.​

Price based off $140/hour.  

Pro-rated for shorter sessions.

Primitive Reflex Integration Circuit Training

Move and grove. These classes are intended for kids who need to move more or need to gain control over their constant desire to move.  Weekly sessions run through a 20 minute circuit with a small group of similarly situated kids.  Residual primitive reflex integration develops better body regulation and improves vision and balance, all of which directly relate to ADD, attention issues, and understanding our body in space. Offering group and private sessions. Call for details.

Price based off $160/hour.  Pro-rated for shorter sessions.

Reservation Required - Contact M3K for Pricing and Location

Monthly Series of 4 Sessions (One per Week)


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A research study at Purdue University put sensors in the helmets of football players to measure the force of the hits they were taking. 


The study found that players with no concussion symptoms often showed neurological impairments equal to or greater than their concussed teammates.  Functional MRI scans were used to document the changes in neural activity.      


"The brain in Detail", By Mary T. Johnson, RN. MS.

Baseline Concussion Test and Post Impact Check

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Protect The Only Brain You'll Ever Have!

Concussion Baseline testing is a pre-participation assessment used to assess an athlete’s balance and brain function.  It can also assess the presence of existing concussion symptoms if an athlete has a suspected concussion.  Baseline tests is used for comparison if an athlete incurs a secondary impact during play.

Impact injuries are on the rise.The intense culture in today’s world of athletic performance seems to be fueling an increase in sports-related injuries, including concussions.  Did you know that athletes in football, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and baseball sustain over 1000 sub-concussive blows per season?

M3 Kinections' concussion baseline testing is a simple, fun and yet thorough set of assessments that test visual acuity, peripheral vision, processing speed, memory, executive functions, vision tracking and balance.  M3K uses the Dynavision D2 board to measure visual perception and reaction time through objective, computer-generated data.  This test is not for neurological diagnosis or medication assessment.

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